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Understanding SCSI - CompTIA A+ 220-801: 1.5

CompTIA has RETIRED the 220-800 A+ exam series!
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The SCSI standard has been around for a long time, and it's now finding new life due to virtualization technologies. In this video, you'll learn about the SCSI standard and how SCSI devices are configured and connected together.
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Ricky Sandhu : Simply speechless. Thank you!
Michael Cena : Ready to take the Server+ !!
spin abbus : Nice explanation.cheers
Mémé : A french dude... who just learned that "daisy" means the "marguerite" flower ! : )
Internet is amazing : you learn things from the most unexpected places : D
James Beck : Mac's used mostly used scsi's if I remember right
James Beck : tell you the truth I miss those day's it was fun with the jumpers on the mother boards and the hard drives you actually had to think
Abhishek Bhardwaj : Very well explained... Thanks .. !!!
Asad Mehmood : Excellent tutorial
Thank you.
Daniel Garcia : I would like to know if I can build a computer with a scsi hard drive . just one or 2 with raid 0

An Overview of SCSI and SCSI type drives.

A "general" look at SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) hard drives and devices. A good video if you're totally new to SCSI and what it is and how it fits into your retro PC
son of NIIT : thank you very much. This was just what i needed
dennj : nice video,did not realize the variations of scsi over the years, my issue is i have one of the quantum pro drive with the 50 pins, i am trying to figure out what exactly do i need so i can transfer this data over to one of the powerbooks, then move it to modern hardware hopefully. any idea how this can be done?
Danny Doolhoff : Yes, SCSI is older than IDE/ATA interfaces... Early SCSI controllers included interfacing multiple MFM drives to SCSI subsystems, where each MFM drive was a different LUN, (Logical Unit Number) within the SCSI device address. LUN device selection was used very commonly in the early days of SCSI, till the prices of electronics dropped to the point it was cheaper to actually have the FULL SCSI controller on each hard drive (or other device) instead of having a SCSI controller that controlled multiple devices.
WizardNumberNext : How wrong you are
You won't that much at all
Actually it is exactly opposite
You won't see much 68 pin
You will see tons of SCA2 80 pins
And raason is trivial
You won't see 15 hard disk drives in normal computer or even high end workstation
You will see 15 hard disk drives in every single storage shelve
And you will see whole racks of storage shelves
The ratio would be roughly 1000:1
1000 SCA2 HDDs per 1 68pin HDD

P.S. my daily driver is Dell PowerEdge R715 with 2x AMD Opteron 6174, 128GB RAM, H700 LSI MegaRAID, H200 mpt2 sas, 6x 400gb sas3 ssd Seagate 1200, 2x 256gb m.2 SATA SSD, 3x 256gb m.2 NVME
It is running on CentOS 8 Stream (I got everything to work, including Dell OpenManage).
I am selling enterprise grade computer parts.
Edward Ludlum : The 1994 Quantum Prodrive
( Compaq Drive [ Parallel IDE Connection ] ) It "Spin Up" & "Booted" in May 2006
Inside Compaq DeskproXE466.....The Deskpro was an "Office
Computer until January2000...
In April 2006, I bought this
Compaq Deskpro486 ("Used") for $60.00....It does
Not have SCSI connection,
because Deskpro 466 & Deskpro 486 there's only
One Primary Parallel IDE Connection ( for Drive "C"),
& One Parallel Connection
for Floppy Disc Drive.
Bruce Tungsten : Great video - unfortunately I never got the 80 pin drives to work with the adapters bought from e-gay. I have an AAA131(2Mib cache) + 10GB drive in an old desktop. Love the sound - the louder the better.
Luis Mendez : Good riddance to platter drives. No matter how fast everything else was, the damn hard drive was always too busy. RIP.
Nate Andrews : Talk about nostalgia! Damn! this video brought back some major memories.
Christopher Ryan : I got a old Mac clone, Power computing PowerCenter 132D. It has a scsi CDROM and a 5400 rpm 2gb SCSI HDD with Mac OS 8.6. I bought a 68 pin card on ebay and picked up 2 18gb 68 pin scsi ext. hdd's with seagate 7200 rpm barracuda drives in them

SCSI Drive Cables - CompTIA A+ 220-1001 - 3.1

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SCSI interfaces have been around for many years, and the standard has continued to evolve through the years. In this video, you’ll learn about traditional SCSI connections and the newer serial attached SCSI standard.
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I CHENG LIN : What will happen to the hard drive if you leave the Terminate on the last hard rive(without the physical terminator) @ 4:04 Will i lose my storage data?
donndadon : will it be necessary to memorize the 12 different types of scsi interfaces
tvirus8193 : Come with me if you want to connect to scsi
Scally Wag : Pro Level Information, Well explained. I Like it!




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